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Certified Foster Families


Foster parents must meet certain requirements before being certified:

  • Successfully Completing 20 hours of Precertification Training
  • Fingerprinting and Background Check
  • CPR and 1st Aid Certifications
  • Health Screening and TB Test
  • Reference Screening
  • Vehicles are Registered (Copy of Registrations & Safety Inspections)
  • DMV Printout of Driving Record
  • Babysitters Information
  • Home Inspection
  • Review and Signing Various Policies and Procedures

Upon certification, the home will be provided with a Certificate of Certification. The certification must be available to State or County workers who wish to view the certificate.

Once a home is certified by a foster family agency, it is a state regulation that the home cannot accept children from another foster family agency or county.

Certified homes must re-certify each year and must complete a new application and all requirements. All requirements must be completed prior to the certification date.


Homes may be decertified for a variety of reasons, but most often because both HUGS and the foster parents have agreed to the decertification.

If a certified parent decides to voluntarily decertify, they must meet certain conditions to ensure the well being of the child. HUGS must be notified in writing at least two weeks prior to the removal of the child. This will allow for a suitable home to be located and readied for the child. It is imperative that the transition from one home to another be as smooth as possible.

Occasionally, HUGS must decertify a home for failure to ensure the safety of children or for the violation of HUGS or State regulations. Once again, it is important that the transition be as smooth as possible for the welfare of the child.

Whether a family voluntarily decertifies or is required to decertify, all of the children’s belongings and records must be provided to the HUGS FCSW when the children are removed.